Winning Documentation Strategies for Managers
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How Many Managers Need to Be Trained?

This tactical and engaging workshop gives your leadership the best tools to regularly chronicle employee performance and manage disciplinary issues. These areas are crucial to enhance productivity and better protect against liability.

Clearly communicating expectations to employees and documenting an employee’s failure to perform should be considered one of management’s top functions. Effective communication helps to avoid situations where employees are surprised by a termination – which is often the impetus for them filing lawsuits. Creating a paper trail can provide an employer with invaluable evidence to support a defense against such claims. Additionally, it just may help to improve an employee’s performance, creating a “win-win” for employers who can move forward with a higher-performing employee, and save on resources they would otherwise spend to replace a position and defend a possible lawsuit.

Detailed instructions on the “when, where and how” of managing and documenting employee performance, as well as specific hands-on exercises on how to write up employees for disciplinary problems are all part of a two-part learning experience that actually teaches leaders these skills, as opposed to merely fulfilling a training requirement.
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" Our managers raved about how much fun it was with engaging programming, including sociable and randomly chosen breakout rooms which allowed peer-to-peer interactivity; trained actor vignettes to set the stage; and great teaching moments between the trainer and amongst one another. It captivated all of us from beginning to a round of applause at the end. The training also positioned our managers to make safe and smart decisions - which is increasingly important in today’s workplace."
" I wanted to give major kudos to you and whoever else put together this training. I found it engaging, incredibly applicable to our current state of the team and the market in terms of retention and hiring focus, and informative."

I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel it’s one of the best I have attended. The breakout rooms made it interactive and provided additional learning from other. I look forward to attending the next one. "
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